Mindfulness Business Writing is Personal, Creative, Positive, and Engaging


Let’s Write This!

  • More Intuition

  • More Now

That’s the Power of Mindfulness Business Writing 

Mindfulness awareness is changing the way we communicate –especially in the marketplace.

We help you “speak” to today’s clients/customers who want personal, intentional, upbeat messages that are in sync with their “Present Moment” approach to buying.

We write YOUR Mindfulness Business messages in words that resonate with your clients/customers who expect a Mindfulness Business approach.


  • Mindfulness – Definition: A way of connecting with your life; the capacity of AWARENESS of the mind, the heart, and the body.
  • “Paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non judgementally, as if your life depended on it.” Jon Kabat-Zinn