Score yourself on these attributes (1 = seldom; 2 = sometimes; 3 = about half the time; 4 = most of the time; 5 = always)

  I appreciate each client/customer.
  I seek to be aware of the dreams and aspirations of my clients/customers.
  I work to discover how to help my clients/   customers move in the direction of their dreams.
  I interact with each client/customer in the present moment.
  I view my clients’/customers’ challenges as an opportunity to bring them benefits
  I identify my clients/customers fears and under-stand how to supportively work with them to alleviate fears.
  I avoid categorizing my clients/customers with “all or nothing” thinking: “They always….” or “They never….”
  I can identify any unforgiving attitudes toward myself or my clients/customers and replace these with forgiveness and love.
  I work to identify and eliminate the “You should…” and the “You can’t…” attitudes toward my clients/customers.
  I work to communicate with sincerity, joy, and empathy with each client/customer—whether verbally or in writing