Mindfulness Business Writing – Services

  1. REVIEW – For a Mindfulness Business Review and Evaluation we:
    • Document how your business relays its messages;
    • List what stories you share;
    • Examine how individuals and groups express Mindfulness to Clients/Customers;
    • State what sets your business apart in the marketplace.
    • Recommend changes, updates, and/or new approaches.
  2. PLANNING – We develop a Mindfulness-based Client/Customer-centered focus for marketing and other communications.
    • What do your Clients/Customers really want?
    • What makes them hesitate?
    • How can you demonstrate you care?
  3. MINDFULNESS BUSINESS WRITING – We offer Mindfulness Business Writing courses for your staff; or, we will provide the writing for you that will draw Clients/ Customers to your messages.

Your website will look different. Your emails will sound different. Your newsletters will feel different. Your social media posts will be different. Your responses will BE DIFFERENT!

“Our Clients really wanted to feel special and pampered. We’d been talking to them like all they wanted was a low price. Now we paint word pictures about indulging their wishes and how we can spoil them!”
Richard M.
“I didn’t know we were “talking down” to our customers until we reviewed our newsletters with Phyllis. With our Mindfulness focus, the newsletter now projects  a warm, inviting  welcome to our customers!”
Sarah B.