What is Mindfulness Business Writing?

YOU have a song–a perspective unique in your industry. Mindfulness Business Writing begins where you contact the Mindfulness within yourself and your business and find where it resonates with your clients/customers. Mindfulness Business Writing will genuinely touch, move or inspire others.

Clients/Customers want:

  • Thoughtful and sensitive experts
  • Business people who tell the truth
  • Groups that competently advise them
  • Business engagements that treat them well

Mindfulness Business Writing focuses on you and your business and helps you identify:

  • Who you are
  • What you and your business stand for
  • What you and your business always “champion”

Expressing these will resonate with Clients/Customers who have a higher standard of WHO GETS THEIR ATTENTION!

Mindfulness Business Writing expresses the INTERNAL and the EXTERNAL portions of an idea– both your business elements and what your Clients/Customers feel about it.

TV Commercial Examples:

Cintas – “Ready for Work” campaign

The Home Depot – “Let’s Do This”

Petco – “Love at First Site”